Welcome to BlendBehaviors.NET. As a XAML developer I use behaviors a lot. Like most developers, I don't like writing the same code over and over. Let us all share our behaviors and actions so we have to write even less.

behavior OnlyNumericInputBehavior

This behavior makes a TextBox only accept numeric input from 0-9, and basic keys such as backspace and tab.

deanihansen (Blendrocks.com) 2/21/2014

action Show Message

The ShowMessageAction shows a messagebox when executed. To set the text that is shown on the messagebox you can set or bind to the Text property.

Fons 9/16/2013

action Show Flyout

Small action that shows a attached flyout so you don't have to write code in the codebehind to do this.

timmy 9/13/2013

action Navigate To Marketplace Detail

Action that opens the marketplace details of the current application. When invoked the action calls the MarketplaceDetailTask.

timmy 9/1/2013

action Navigate to all apps of publisher in marketplace

This action is used to list all apps of a certain publisher in the Windows Phone marketplace. When invoker it uses the MarketplaceSearchTask to do…

timmy 9/1/2013

behavior Clip to Bounds

This behavior clips display of anything that is displayed using a translation in the associated object not to be displayed outside that object.

timmy 9/1/2013

behavior Visibile on Locale

This behaviors set the visibility of a FrameworkElement based on the two letter ISO value of the current culture. If it matched the FrameworkElement…

timmy 9/1/2013

action Save Ringtone

Action that saves an MP3 file from a URL as a ringtone when invoked. The action uses the SaveRingtoneTask to do this. You can bind to the…

timmy 9/1/2013

action Show Map

Action that shows a map using the BingMapsTask. You can bind to the Center, SearchTerm and ZoomLevel properties.

timmy 8/30/2013

action Share Link

Action that can be used to share links. When invoked it calls the ShareLinkTask. You can bind to the LinkUri, Message and Title properties.

timmy 8/30/2013

action Save Contact

Action that helps saving a contact. When invoked the action calls the SaveContactTask to save the contact. You can bind to 26 different properties…

timmy 8/29/2013

action Route with Bing Maps

Action that starts the navigation with Bing maps when invoked. You can specify a Latitude and Logitude or bind the these to set the target location.…

timmy 8/29/2013

action Phone Call

Action that lets the user make a phone call. You can bind a phone number to the PhoneNumber property and a name to the DisplayName property. When…

timmy 8/29/2013

action Navigate To Review

Action that navigates to the review area of the app in the store, by showing the MarketplaceReviewTask when invoked.

timmy 8/29/2013

behavior Limit TextBox

Puts a maximum on the input of a TextBox. Use the MaxChars property to set the limit. Optionally use the Vibrate property to have the phone vibrate…

timmy 8/29/2013

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